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We repeat our demands for:

  • An end to impunity and violation of community rights and the environment
  • Review of mining contracts to make them fair, transparent, equitable and optimise their contribution to national development.
  • An upward review of royalty tax and state equity participation.
  • An introduction of specific taxes such as capital gain tax, windfall tax, and super tax. A specific percentage of the supper tax could be devoted for implementation of the continental reform agenda.
  • Review of the framework and administration of the environmental and social impact assessment to take account of issues such as human rights, gender, housing and access to livelihood.
  • Abrogation of clauses of stability agreement, development agreement and confidentiality of environmental audit reports from national codes as these constitute major barriers to state autonomy and public access to information.
  • Transparency and accountability of public institutions and mining companies, particularly in their relations with communities and citizens’ groups, as well as their obligations to environmental, human rights, finance and tax.






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