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The Africa Trade Network will hold its 11th Annual Review and Strategy meeting from August 25-28th 2008 in Accra, Ghana. The meeting, hosted by TWN Africa, will focus on responding to the new challenges emerging for the ATN's on-going flagship campaign against the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).  


The four-day meeting comprises 3-days analysis and teach-in, 1-day strategy and organization - structured as follows:

    Day 1 - Global & African economic context today (including World Trade Organisation (WTO) and IFI- issues; Global Crises (food, fuel and finance), rise of China & other emerging powers, commodities boom and related issues.

    Days 2 & 3 - IEPAs (Trade in Goods) and EPAs (Services, Singapore Issues, Intellectual Property)

    Day 4 - Stop EPA campaign strategy and ATN networking & organizational priorities and mechanisms.


The objectives of the meeting are as follows: 

      • Update on the status of EPA negotiations
      • Review and Renew the STOP EPA campaign perspectives, strategy, and messaging in specific respect of IEPAs and negotiations towards comprehensive EPAs as well - at International, Continental, Sub-regional and strategic country levels
      • Analyze issues and linkages arising from Global Economic Trends & EPAs
      • Establish Network and Campaign organizational mechanisms, priorities and strategic alliances and synergies.

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Jean-Baptiste SENE said...
Dear all, anybody to explain teh difference between ATN and TWN-Africa, and the linkages of both? Thanks.
March 18, 2009 13:36:20 PM
John Atherton said...
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRY GROWTH, INVESTMENT AND COMPETITIVENESS IN AFRICA(IGICA), 8-10 JUNE 2009, ABUJA, NIGERIA Website: This is a very important meeting and the output of the meeting should made public or sent to those interested linke me The meeting should be linked to the upcoming International Conference on Industry Growth, Investment and Competitiveness in Africa(IGICA).This historic event will be held on 8-10th June, 2009, in Abuja, Nigeria. Contribution to this event is welcome from those attending this meeting and those interested on impact of World Trade on Africa
August 24, 2008 11:29:36 AM
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